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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

20% show case

I recently had the idea show case at my school.
It went really well despite the fact that i made my poster 15 minutes before the showcase. People were actually interested in my project. Which came as a shock because i didn't think that my project was that big of deal. people signed up to be my mentor. And a crap ton of people signed up to be in my focus group. So that was pretty exciting. But genuinely I was happy that I got to miss most of my core classes. A lot of people had questions about what I want to accomplish by doing this, and I didn't know how to answer this. I improvised most of the time when they asked me this question.  By the end of the session I had finally came up with a solid answer. I want to show people that things are bigger than their stereotypes, that even though you say your perspective on life isn't altered by stereotypes it most likely is.  

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  1. Good job, but I think you should add more detail about the experiment though, I want to hear about how it went.