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Monday, November 17, 2014

Nurses For New Borns

For my 20% time project finding my topic was a struggle. I wanted to do something big, so people could remember that one time that one girl did that one thing. I gambled on the thoughts of doing a big fundraiser, A luncheon, and even a 5k. I soon after realized that all of these were to big of a job for a small school project. I finally decided to do something I've done before but then make it bigger and better, A baby drive. When i was in third grade I was obsessed with babies. I realized that at food drives no one donates baby food. So i decided  to do a fund raiser dedicated to babies and babies only. If you are feeling generous please donate any thing form the Nurses for New Born Missouri site link here-Click here for the Nurses for New Born Missouri wish list. And then send it to 630 south elm Webster groves 63119.
Thanks for the time you took out of your busy lifes to read this!

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  1. Goof Job Cecily! You should totally make your mark on the world with this! Great Job:)